Calculon Products

Chesspiece Network Appliances

The Chesspiece network appliances provide advanced features such as load-balancing across ISPs, anti-virus, anti-spam, and advanced routing capabilities.

Rook 2400

Calculon’s flagship security product, the Rook 2400 makes use of Intel’s latest quad-core processor technology to bring a lot of processing power to bear on your security problems.  Designed to be inherently multi-processor capable, the Rook 2400 is a true enterprise-level security appliance.  Featuring 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 8 processor cores, the Rook 2400 just powers through problems.  High availability is designed right in, from the clustering support to the redundant power supplies.  Communication to branch offices is also safe, with encrypted multi-path redundant VPNs.  Perfect for any enterprise that relies heavily on it’s communications being available and secure. View Product Details >>

Rook 800

The Rook 800 is Calculon’s mid-range Security Appliance.  It is able to handle huge quantities of data and filter it all through security enhancing firewall, spam-filter, anti-virus scanner, and advanced routing rules.  Sized to handle small to medium enterprises of up to a hundred employees with ease. View Product Details >>

Rook 500

The Rook 500 is designed for SOHO use, with up to 10 users.  It is perfect for implementing a load-balanced multiple ISP setup for small sites, or as a branch office router to connect to one of the larger Rooks via encrypted multi-path redundant VPNs.  It’s 5 x 10/100 ethernet ports means that for very small offices, an additional switch is not required. View Product Details >>